Software Engineer / Team Member

We are looking for a self driven, goal oriented person to join our software engineering Team. You should be an excellent Team player with decent communication skills. If you are a quick learner and a problem solver with good understanding of software design principles, you are a likely fit. Exposure to Agile methodologies and BKMs, would also prove handy.


Your primary goal will be to build and deliver high quality, effective source code that serve user needs. Speed is very crucial and we would want to continue and stay a well paced, self organizing Team.

All our works are open source and we would want people who are able to add value to the open source projects that we are committed to. You'll also be required to answer user queries on community forums, chat etc. as part of your profile. Taking part in the community events and meetups - initiatives / advancements in any area would be appreciated.


We are looking for folks who are open to try new things on the go real fast. We have some minimum requirements and you should at least be comfortable with most of these -
  • Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Jinja
  • Node.js, Redis, MariaDB
  • Linux
  • Git


Any Degree, preferably with Computer Science or IT

Number of Open Positions


And yes, remote is just fine!

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