Our proficiency in goal oriented agile business analysis methodologies help us capture, evaluate and advocate the best fitting solutions for customers. Using highly communicative product canvases, workflow diagrams and various other presentation methods help us eliminating enormous documentation and making sure our understanding is well accepted.

We religiously live out agile best practices and assure customer centric, collaborative efforts by employing effectual collaboration tools. Customers thus get extensive visibility and can practically partake in development of the solution. Our Teams adjust and adapt to changing requisites and their test driven development efforts ensure high quality, reliable software is delivered in frequent increments.

All our efforts are driven towards delivering customer values. Highly customized, automated test tools and strong gate keeping are the underpinning factors which assist us in achieving this. By offering prolonged support, we also make certain that our customers do not face any complicatedness in employing our solutions to achieve their business goals.


We are earthians – a bunch of highly spirited and passionate individuals committed to delivering reliable, high-quality software. We employ collaborative, agile approaches and tools ensuring best returns on customer investment. All our efforts are in concert towards uplifting economical sustainability by making the right open source technologies available to people everywhere.
earthians is a company organized to provide premium software services and upbeat customer experiences are our purpose.

Our Vision

Continue to rise and stay a reliable information technology services provider and help uplifting global sustainability.

earthians is very much poised to make a mark in the knowledge solutions industry by offering innovative, dependable, high-quality software solutions. It’s our intent to develop long, enduring partnerships with our customers. We believe that employing best fitting tools and processes would help our customers do sustainable business and help enriching economical, environmental as well as social sustainability in the encompassing society.

Our Mission

Assist our customers to do sustainable business by offering agile, collaborative, premium knowledge solutions.

With the purpose of realizing our mission, the operations at earthians are totally agile ensuring customer involvement at all stages of product / process engineering. We have made sure that all at earthians are highly professional, quality conscious and moreover, committed to customer satisfaction.


Power, space, costs and various other resource issues are impacting most businesses in a multitude of ways. Many businesses are changing the way they function in order to meet increased expectations concerning sustainability among customers, more connected social businesses, stakeholders and employees. Those organizations devoted to long-term progress nowadays look for a new level of management control to engage in dealing increasing sustainability and compliance requirements.

Our solutions and services help customers appropriately align workflows, business processes and business goals with sustainability requirements.


We get the right people and give them the independence and authority they need to serve our clientele well. It’s our people who help us align our promises, purpose and performance as closely as possible towards increased customer experience.

  • Innovative, Customized services
  • Agile culture
  • Bring It On - Adjust, Adapt
  • Listen - Translate - Deliver

At earthians we are devoted to building enduring, win-win relationships with our customers offering them just what they call for. Our engagement assurance-

  • Sustainability
  • Assured Confidentiality, Security
  • Guaranteed, Measurable ROI
  • Performance Consistency


earthians help organizations make the most of Free and Open Source Software. We are dedicated to offering vital IT services to help you simplify your work, focus on your goals, and achieve success. Our services are constructed around your necessities. These are some areas we do extremely well in -

Enterprise Applications

Our Team specializes in various powerful open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems. Our exposure to various business verticals and experience in custom module development on multiple open source platforms help us offer you steadfast ERP implementation assistance. We undertake –

  • Open Source Enterprise Applications Implementation
  • Enterprise Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Enterprise Applications Integration

The open source model makes it affordable even to SMEs. Also, customers benefit from community supported development to the fullest and is granted full source code ownership. Most FOSS systems embrace various best known methodologies, proven processes, other industry standards and regulations etc. which customers can make use of. Below are some of the business verticals were we have proved our expertise –

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse, Sales, Distribution
  • Horticulture Batch Production Management
  • Construction Project Management
  • Accounting and Auditors Project Management
  • Services Project Management
  • eCommerce
Medical Imaging

earthians offers comprehensive DICOM implementations of image server (PACS) and workstation (Image Viewer) and FDA 510(k) clearance assistance. Our exposure to various DICOM open source tool-kits helps us deliver you world class solutions in a very cost effective, fast and reliable fashion. Our integration expertise helps us implement comprehensive workflow solutions that work together seamlessly. We offer development assistance for -

  • (DICOM Image Servers (PACS
  • DICOM Image Viewers
  • (DICOM compliance for Modalities (DICOM services implementation
  • Image Conversion Software
  • DICOM Compliance Readiness Validation
HIS and eHealth Applications

We provide Medical Records development and implementation assistance to Hospitals and Clinical facilities. eHealth applications offers comprehensive electronic Health records management to our customers. Our customers benefit from our module development expertise, integration expertise, compliance validation for various regulatory standards like the HL7, HIPAA etc. We offer development of customized modules for institution specific requirements. Our offerings for the healthcare industry include -

  • Electronic Health Records Applications
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Integration Services