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Product Development

In the ever-dynamic world of healthcare, technological innovation is the key to overcoming challenges posed by age-old processes and software tools, which are essential in driving progress.

At earthians, we are passionate about harnessing the power of open-source technology to transform not only the way care is administered and delivered but also the way it is experienced.


Implementation Consulting

We recognise that the path from software acquisition to full-scale adoption is fraught with many challenges. Our implementation consulting services are meticulously designed to facilitate the seamless integration of best practices into your care delivery processes.

Our consultants prioritise building interoperability as an inherent and automatic feature, ensuring that users perceive technology not as an added burden but as an empowering tool that aligns steadily with present-day statutory requirements.

About Us

It was in 2012 that earthians started out as a humble product development and services company. We were determined about establishing an ecosystem in which like-minded, passionate people can freely innovate, grow and have fun!

We first stumbled upon Frappe and ERPNext while looking for an open source framework to build our enterprise-ready HIS and immediately realised that we could build an extension to ERPNext. We figured this will consequently enable health organisations make use of the full potential of the awesome Frappe stack (the Frappeverse). We ended up building an app on Frappe, integrated with ERPNext and went out with our own SaaS targeting small and medium healthcare setups. That’s when folks from Frappe discovered us and, long story short, we became a full open source company by contributing the healthcare domain to ERPNext!

Right now we are focused on providing our services to health organisations, aspiring to blend our domain and technical expertise to create optimal solutions to solve the contemporary challenges faced by healthcare professionals and establishments. We are ever grateful to our clients who have trusted us and are helping us shape and improve our product, to folks at Frappe and its vibrant open source community for their valuable contributions.

We are a small Team working towards making Marley Health the world's top enterprise HIS. And to that end, we have no intention of stopping short of anything less! 😉


Building world-class, reliable, open source technology for healthcare organisations worldwide, increasing efficiency and accuracy while minimising the costs of delivering quality care.


To build and maintain Marley Health and achieve our goal of making it the best open source, enterprise ready and modern HIS in the world.

Meet earthians

Anoop Kurungadam
Founder, CEO
Sajin S R
Senior Product Engineer
Sreekala M K
Chief Customer Officer
Suresh Kumar V
Fasalul Abid C K
Jr. Software Developer
Aravind R
Jr. Software Developer
Gokul S Ashok
Jr. Software Developer
Rijisha C
Jr. Software Developer


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